The NBA In Texas

LSSS 55: A Derrick Rose/Thad Young Omelet

As the NBA Draft gets underway, Bill and Dimitri continue to break down the Derrick Rose fit in New York while getting into some Thad Young to Indy talk. 


54: It’s Officially Woj Season

Bill and Dimitri discuss the big day of trades and breaking news around the league ahead of tomorrow night's NBA Draft.


#41: Coaching Vacancies

Bill and Dimitri discuss the numerous coaching changes taking place throughout the league.


#38: Trade Deadline Special

Believed to be #37 throughout this whole episode, Bill and Dimitri discuss the winners and losers of the trade deadline, Sean Marks as the new Nets GM, the Warriors losing to the Blazers and the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture on the 38th episode of the Lone Star Summit Show. 


LSSS #35: Coaches Beware

Bill and Dimitri break down the Derek Fisher firing, predict the winners of the All-Star Saturday festivities, check in with the legendary Chinese Basketball Association and the lone star showdown brewing in the Western Conference standings. 

19:50 Hack-A-Strategy
34:30 All-Star Predictions
40:50 George Karl Hot Seat
49:30 Chinese League News
52:03 Lone Star Summit Stat
57:55 Texas Triangle Update